Mission: To create a curiosity and hunger for the Word of God in humanity.

Motivation: In the book Move, authors Greg L. Hawkins and Cally Parkinson identify, through an in depth research study, that there are four segments in the spiritual continuum: Exploring Christ; Growing in Christ; Close to Christ; and Christ Centered.  They also identify the most influential 25 spiritual catalysts that help move people from one segment to another.  Of those 25, “reflection on scripture” is the only catalyst that appears in the top five most influential catalysts for helping people advance to the next segment, regardless of a person’s current segment. BibleTop10.com was created because “reflection on scripture” is the most powerful catalyst to draw people closer to God regardless of their spiritual condition and because we believe in the life changing power of God’s Word.

Methodology: No human can stand in judgement of the Word of God. The lists contained on the website are designed to be a fun and unique approach to sharing the Word of God in the age of social media.  The lists are subjective and are not meant to represent judgment on the Word of God in any measure or degree. We simply hope to raise awareness of what the Word of God says and inspire people to read it, live it and share it.

About the Founders: BibleTop10.com is a corporate social responsibility project of Fall Communications, a family-owned communications and marketing company, which believes in the power of the Word of God to change lives. It was developed as a family mission project using our gifts and talents in obedience to the great commission in the age of technology and social media.

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